Microsoft’s Project Adam Aims To Be The Ultimate AI

Project Adam Aims To Be The Ultimate AI

Microsoft Research at their Faculty Summit 2014 showed a new technology under development called Project Adam. Project Adam is a new deep-learning system that mimics the immense neural network in our brain. Using massive amounts of training data and loads of computing power, Project Adam is able to recognize speech, interpret and classify images and read documents. These are just some steps towards true AI ... Read More »

Nokia X Lineup Dies As Microsoft Plans A Layoff

Nokia X Lineup Dies As Microsoft Plans A Layoff

For work simplification and smoother integration of Nokia Devices & Services, Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella has planned to layoff 18,000 people in the upcoming year. About 12,500 people would be from Nokia Devices & Services group including IT professionals and factory workers. Employees being affected by this would be notified 6 months prior. They would also get a severance package and the ... Read More »

Nokia Lumia 930 Goes on Sale in Pakistan

Lumia 930 Goes on Sales in Pakistan

Microsoft Devices Pakistan recently announced the availability of Lumia 930 across Pakistan. Lumia 930 is the Windows Phone 8.1 flagship Lumia device. It is available in bright orange, bright green, white and black. If you’re wondering where is the Yellow? Well there won’t be one because Microsoft has decided that Yellow is so 2013, bright Orange and bright Green are the colors of 2014. Commenting on ... Read More »

Lumia Cyan Update Has Started Rolling Out

Lumia Cyan Update Has Started Rolling Out

Finally, Microsoft Devices (formally Nokia) has started rolling out the Lumia Cyan update for the Lumia smartphones. Although, by now most users have already updated to the Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview but Lumia Cyan is a bit different. It is Microsoft Device’s version of Windows Phone 8.1 update that has a new firmware for the Lumia smartphones. Here is ... Read More »

Exclusive Ramadan Apps By Microsoft Devices

Exclusive Ramadan Apps

As Muslim’s around the globe cherish the month of Ramadan, Microsoft Devices has introduced exclusive Ramadan apps to the Lumia and Nokia X platforms. During the month of Ramadan, the demand for Ramadan apps increases as people like to keep track of Sehri, Iftar or Prayer timings. Ramadan apps are not only limited to that, you can also listen to Quran recitation ... Read More »

Nokia X Portathon Gets Massive Dev Attention in Pakistan

Nokia X Portathon Gets Massive Developer Attention in Pakistan

To convince developers to develop for the Nokia X platform, Microsoft Devices has held Nokia X Portathon in various countries around the globe. Recently, they kicked off the Nokia X Portathon across various universities of Karachi as well. University of Karachi, IBA, FAST, FUUAST, SSUET are amongst many others universities that participated in the Nokia X Portathon. The Portathon workshop sessions were conducted by ... Read More »

Helping Them Dream at The Garage School (TGS)

Helping Them Dream at The Garage School (TGS)

It was 1998 when Shabina Mustafa decided to use the garage at her place as a school for kids who couldn’t afford education; the rest as they say is history. The Garage School (TGS), now in its 14th year of imparting education to underprivileged children, is a sanctuary for some 400 students who are eager to sponge in as much ... Read More »

Xperia C3: The Selfie Snapping Android Launched by Sony

Xperia C3 Selfie Android by Sony

Today, Sony has unveiled their new Xperia C3, a smartphone designed with selfies in mind. Sony’s Xperia C3 will be available in black, white and mint colors. It will launch globally starting in August 2014 and China will be the first launch market. Unfortunately, there is no word on Xperia C3‘s pricing yet. Xperia C3 focuses largely on selfies therefore it features a 5MP front-cam with ... Read More »

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