Google’s Nexus just got bigger with the Nexus 6

Google's Nexus just got bigger with the Nexus 6

Today, Google has revealed their next version of the Google Nexus flagship device, Nexus 6. Google Nexus 6 is a phablet that has been designed by Motorola, to supercede the Nexus 5. Few highlights of the new Nexus 6 include; 2.7 Ghz quad-core processor, ergonomic contours, stereo speakers on the front, a 5.96″ AMOLED display and a 13MP camera with OIS. Nexus 6 also comes ... Read More »

Nexus 9 is HTC’s comeback to the tablet market

Nexus 9 is HTC's comeback to the tablet market

It’s been quite a while since rumors about the Nexus 9 have been around but today Google has finally revealed it. In an official blog post, it was revealed that Nexus 9 by HTC, is there next Android flagship tablet to replace the Nexus 7. Here is an introduction video for the Google’s new Nexus 9, made by HTC. Nexus 9 is HTC’s 8.9″ IPS ... Read More »

Android Lollipop is what Android 5.0 will be called

Android Lollipop is what Android 5.0 will be called

We all got to see the upcoming version of Android, Android 5.0 back at Google I/O this year. Back then, all we knew was that Android 5.0 is codenamed Android L but no one knew the complete form of Android L. Today in an official blog post, Google has officially announced that the next version of Android would be called Android ... Read More »

Lumia 530 Unboxing & First Impressions

Nokia Lumia 530 Unboxing

Recently, the most inexpensive of the Microsoft Lumia device landed on our doorstep, Lumia 530. Microsoft Lumia 530 is a low-end Windows Phone device that costs 12,300/- PKR and is meant to replace the Nokia X family. Let’s have a look at the Lumia 530 unboxing video before we continue. Lumia 530 comes in the new style slide out Lumia ... Read More »

UnoTelly: Bypass geographic boundaries on the web

UnoTelly: No geographic boundaries

How many times has it happened that you tried to access some service but instead ended up at the page saying: “Sorry the content is not available in your country” ? For users living in developing countries, they have to face this a lot. Whenever you’re accessing services like Netflix, Hulu Plus or Xbox Video, they all are available mostly in ... Read More »

Windows 10, the next version of Windows

Windows 10: The next version of Windows

Microsoft recently announced the latest version of Windows, called Windows 10. Windows 10 was unveiled at a private press event in San Francisco and the event was not live streamed. One of the first questions that instantly comes to mind is that why Windows 10?  According to Microsoft, it “wouldn’t be right” to call the new version Windows 9 given its ... Read More »

Which gaming PCs should you buy in 2014?

Video gaming has been popular amongst both men and women of all ages. Games are designed to completely absorb a person in its world. Over the years it has become more of a boy’s interest than girls, due to which games are also male-centric about fights, racing and chasing. Only those with true passion for gaming can understand the real ... Read More »

Nokia 130: a budget feature phone


Recognizing the rapid growth of ultra-affordable mobile phones, Microsoft Devices today unveiled the Nokia 130, a mobile phone designed to introduce millions of people to new digital experiences. At just PKR 2,850/-, the Nokia 130 combines the everyday essentials first-time mobile phone buyers expect with the beautiful design, reliability and mobile entertainment they want. With a built-in video player, music ... Read More »

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