New Nokia X update being released by Microsoft

Nokia X update coming soon

After recently killing the Nokia’s Android lineup, Microsoft is planning to push a new Nokia X update to all the first generation devices. This Nokia X update is meant to bring the Nokia X, X+ and XL upto speed with the upcoming Nokia X2. Nokia X update is bringing three new features and enhancements that in our opinion should have been their in ... Read More »

Quick look at the Live Lock Screen app for WP8.1

Live Lock Screen app hands-on

Microsoft has finally released the much awaited Live Lock Screen app for Windows Phone 8.1 users. Initially, it was claimed that at least 1GB of RAM was required but Microsoft has managed to get it running on 512MB RAM as well. Live Lock Screen app is still in BETA but can be downloaded from the Windows Phone Store. Incase you somehow missed out what ... Read More »

Nokia X2 reaches the Pakistani market

Nokia X2 in Pakistan

Even though Microsoft has officially cancelled the Nokia X line-up, this still doesn’t stop Microsoft Devices from launching the new Nokia X2 in Pakistan. Nokia X2 is a 2nd generation device from the Nokia X family with new looks and an improved software platform. It would be available in bright orange, bright green, yellow, grey, black and white with a price ... Read More »

Microsoft also introduces Bang Mini by Coloud

Bang Mini speakers by Coloud

Yesterday, with the introduction of Lumia 530, Microsoft also introduced new Bang Mini speakers by Coloud. Bang Mini speakers would be available in the few upcoming weeks, in bright green, bright orange or gray for about 25$ (2500 PKR). If you were expecting wireless connectivity, you’ll be disappointed because Bang Mini by Coloud use 3.5mm jack to connect to your Windows Phone. Although, ... Read More »

Lumia 530 has been made official by Microsoft

Nokia Lumia 530

By now, we all know Microsoft canceled their Nokia X Android lineup in favor of Windows Phone. To show their dedication towards Windows Phone and emerging markets, Microsoft has officially announced the new Lumia 530. It is expected to be priced around $115 before taxes and subsidies. Lumia 530 will be rolling out globally by August and be available in bright orange, bright green, white and dark grey colors. It would also ... Read More »

Microsoft’s Project Adam Aims To Be The Ultimate AI

Project Adam Aims To Be The Ultimate AI

Microsoft Research at their Faculty Summit 2014 showed a new technology under development called Project Adam. Project Adam is a new deep-learning system that mimics the immense neural network in our brain. Using massive amounts of training data and loads of computing power, Project Adam is able to recognize speech, interpret and classify images and read documents. These are just some steps towards true AI ... Read More »

Nokia X Lineup Dies As Microsoft Plans A Layoff

Nokia X Lineup Dies As Microsoft Plans A Layoff

For work simplification and smoother integration of Nokia Devices & Services, Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella has planned to layoff 18,000 people in the upcoming year. About 12,500 people would be from Nokia Devices & Services group including IT professionals and factory workers. Employees being affected by this would be notified 6 months prior. They would also get a severance package and the ... Read More »

Nokia Lumia 930 Goes on Sale in Pakistan

Lumia 930 Goes on Sales in Pakistan

Microsoft Devices Pakistan recently announced the availability of Lumia 930 across Pakistan. Lumia 930 is the Windows Phone 8.1 flagship Lumia device. It is available in bright orange, bright green, white and black. If you’re wondering where is the Yellow? Well there won’t be one because Microsoft has decided that Yellow is so 2013, bright Orange and bright Green are the colors of 2014. Commenting on ... Read More »

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