Windows 8 becomes the third most used OS in the world

Windows 8 is now the third most used desktop operating system in the world, after the most used Windows 7 and Windows XP desktop OS. Windows 8 was released back in the month of October 2012; almost 8 months ago. Now, it has finally surpassed Windows Vista in usage by taking the position as the world’s 3rd most used OS.

Windows 8 Market Share

Net Application’s usage data shows a significant uptake in Windows 8 since May, increasing from 4.27% to its current 5.1% figure. Running on just 5.1-percent of the world’s computers, Windows 8 remains a truly distant third though. Currently, Windows 7 resides on 44.7% of systems while Windows XP proudly occupies a still whopping 32.17%. Behind Windows 8 lie the three most-recent flavors of Mac OS X, which together total just 6.63% of the market. Meanwhile, “Other” operating systems account for only 2.11% of computers, globally. Those numbers still show Windows overall is tops when it comes to total desktop or laptop market share. With their figures combined, Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 are present on more than 90-percent of the world’s computer systems.

via: Tech Clues


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