Why Nokia Lumia 520 Is Better Than Other Low-End Smartphones

Nokia has done a great job by settings standard in the mobile industry. Recently announced Nokia Lumia 1020 has the best smartphone camera, while Nokia Lumia 520 is the cheapest Windows Phone device. Also the Lumia 520 is the best-selling Windows Phone device. The reason why Lumia 520 is the best-selling is because it packs a lot in it for a low-end device. Moreover, unlike other devices, the device is available in a variety of colors to choose from. Still the best thing about Nokia Lumia 520 is the Windows Phone OS.

I recently had to buy a new smartphone because i had lost my old iPhone. This time, i was choosing between Android or Windows Phone device. My budget was around $200, so i had to choose between HTC Desire C, Nokia Lumia 520, Sony Xperia J and Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos. I ended up buying a Nokia Lumia 520, but why i made this choice? You can read more about it below.

Better Than Many Other Low-End Devices

Nokia Lumia 520 Color Options

First of all, when selecting a new phone you do comparison. In this price range, you would compare HTC Desire C, Nokia Lumia 520, Sony Xperia J and Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos. First thing that made me choose Lumia 520 was vast color options. Nokia Lumia 520 comes in black, white, cyan, red and yellow. Secondly, Nokia Lumia 520 is the only one with a dual-core processor while the rest have single-core processors. Than there is that, Lumia 520 has 8GB of internal memory while the others have only 4GB or less. Last but not the least is the battery timing. Xperia J does have a bigger battery but Lumia 520 has better talk time. HTC Desire C and Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos have even worse talk times.

Best Of What This Much Money Can Buy

If a penny-pincher would want a smartphone, they would preferably select Nokia Lumia 520 for themselves. The reason being that Nokia Lumia 520 is a well-priced device.  Though, it is a budget smartphone and you should not have the same expectations of high-end Lumia devices. It surely has a rich experience of what the mid-range or high-end, Lumia 720 or Lumia 920 would be like.

Lumia 520 Comes With Windows Phone

Windows Phone Logo Red

In a world of Android and iOS, Nokia has choose Windows Phone as their primary OS. Ever since Nokia Lumia, Windows Phone has shown a steady growth. Nokia Lumia 520 has been a major part of this growth by being the cheapest Windows Phone device. I personally prefer Windows Phone over Android or iOS because of the problems i had to face using them. Some of the common Android or iOS complains are WiFi signals dropping, WiFi not connecting, random freezes or poor battery life.

Many of these issues are not present in Windows Phone. Windows Phone 7.X was the most stable OS i had ever seen. Windows Phone 8 has some stability issues but hopefully will be fixed with GDR2/GDR3 update. Windows Phone also has the well know issue of lesser apps in the Store but most apps that you want, are there. Another reason why i think Windows Phone is better, is it’s clean and to-the-point user interface. Still, we all have different choices such as where i might like a clean UI, some people would prefer the glossy one.

Everyone Wants A Smartphone  

Now-a-days smartphones are on rise and everyone wants a smartphone. The world is getting smarter day-by-day and every person wants to have a smartphone. We all need a smartphone that can manage our daily lives for us. A phone that reminds us of what to do and when to do. A phone that can keep track of our to-do lists. A phone that keeps us updated with social status of our friends. A phone which is a good navigator. A phone that can help me check my email on-the-go. To sum things up, everyone want’s a smartphone but there is this saying

A smartphone is only as smart as it’s users.

Nokia Lumia 520 has a good 4.0″ display, a fast processor and like all the other Lumia, is built to last. IMO, it would be the best choice for people buying a smartphone for the first time. Though one of the few things it lacks, is a front-cam and a LED flash. Well, you get what you pay for and besides front-cam and LED flash is not common in low-end devices.

I myself have been using the device for more than a month now. I think it’s a great smartphone for day-to-day use but if you want to play a lots of  heavy games, i would suggest something with at least 1GB RAM. Are you a Nokia Lumia 520 user too? Or do you use any other low-end smartphone? What are you views about your phone? Just let us know in the comments below.


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