LG G3 Quick Window Feature Leaked

LG G3 launch event isn’t far and yet we can’t get enough of the LG G3 leaks. Earlier, we had the complete multi-angle LG G3 renders leaked. This time, the leak is regarding LG G3 Quick Window feature. We saw a glimpse of this in the official teaser video as well. At that time we were not exactly sure what it is. This latest leaked image (below) by @evleaks changes all that.

LG G3 Quick Window Feature

You can clearly see different functionalities that LG G3 Quick Window will support. As if the name isn’t enough, the LG G3 Quick Window shows you a glimpse of your notifications. You can put a clock up their, see your missed calls, look at the current weather or interact with calls. Another interesting thing is, that apps might also be allowed access to the Quick Window. This would greatly increase user interaction with the device even when the device is off. This means that the new Folio case for the LG G3 would have a circular cutout.

via: PocketNow


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