Nexus 9 Could Possibly Be Made By HTC

Lately, there has been a lot of fuss around the Google Nexus line-up. We’ve heard that the Nexus line-up may come to an end and be replaced with Android Silver, by Q1 2015. It all seemed true when LG went ahead and revealed that they won’t be making the next Nexus device. Now, another rumor seems to go against all odds and the sources claim that the next Nexus tablet — hopefully Nexus 9 — is in works and would be made by HTC.

Looking at the latest devices by the Taiwanese manufacturer, we can guess that the device would probably be totally metallic and also have the zero-gap design. The above render by Android Police seems pretty generic and might not be what the actual Nexus 9 looks like. Some of the leaked specifications of the Nexus 9 tablet are as follows:

  • Dimensions: 8.91 x 5.98 x 0.31 inches, Weight: 427g
  • 8.9-inch (2048 x 1440 px) display
  • Nvidia Tegra K1 (64bit) CPU
  • 2GB RAM
  • 16/32GB Internal
  • 8MP Camera with OIS
  • 3MP Front-cam

We are not impressed by the display on the device. It’s only 281 ppi, a degrade from last year’s Nexus 7. Interesntingly, specifications aren’t all that leaked. According to the leaked pricing, the Nexus 9 would cost $399 for 16gb version, $499 for 32gigs and $600+ for a LTE version. To be honest, if the Nexus 9 is launched at this price point, it would be a bit too much. We have seen better and cheaper Nexus tablets before, this pricing is a big leap from last year’s Nexus 7 tablet.

Why we’re comparing it to the Nexus 7 is because, we think Nexus 9 would possibly replace Nexus 7 in the Nexus line-up. What do you think? Should there be Nexus 7, 9 and 10 or only Nexus 9 and 10 would do fine in the Nexus line-up. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

via: PocketNow


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