Lumia 530 Unboxing & First Impressions

Recently, the most inexpensive of the Microsoft Lumia device landed on our doorstep, Lumia 530. Microsoft Lumia 530 is a low-end Windows Phone device that costs 12,300/- PKR and is meant to replace the Nokia X family. Let’s have a look at the Lumia 530 unboxing video before we continue.

Lumia 530 comes in the new style slide out Lumia packaging. Interestingly, Lumia 530 has a tad bit of more accessories than other budget Lumia devices. To my surprise, Lumia 530 comes bundled with hands-free as well which is not included even with the Lumia 630/635 devices. I don’t know about other countries but in Pakistan consumer would also get a extra Lumia 530 shell. Complete contents of the Lumia 530 box are as follows:

  1. Lumia 530 (device itself w/ a black shell)
  2. Charger with a fixed cable
  3. Hands-free
  4. Extra (white) Lumia 530 shell
  5. Reading material

Nokia Lumia 530 Unboxing

One thing that you would instantly notice is the super reflective display. Although it seems fine indoor but we are not quite sure if it would perform good  under bright sunlight. Only time will tell. Moving on from appearances and holding the device in hand made me realize that it was pretty light. Though im not sure if it’s a good thing or bad because even though the Lumia 530 shell has a matte texture, it still tends to slip more often.

Following the latest Lumia design trends, Lumia 530 also has all its buttons in the usual spots. Power button is right beneath the volume rocker on the left of the device. Camera button and the front keys (Back, Start, Search) are missing on the Lumia 530. Like i’ve mentioned several times before in other articles that no more front keys is a pleasant change but camera key should be present on every Lumia device.

Nokia Lumia 530 Unboxing

There is not much to this Lumia 530 unboxing but stay tuned for the complete review, coming soon on Engismo. Meanwhile, also do visit the Lumia 530 official webpage.


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  • Muhammad Zohair Chohan

    Don’t you think its extra-bulky?

    • Haseeb Ahmed

      Yes it is but that is something that you can expect from a low-end device. There have been lesser bulkier low-end devices but this is Microsoft’s first so lets give them a chance.