Nexus 9 is HTC’s comeback to the tablet market

It’s been quite a while since rumors about the Nexus 9 have been around but today Google has finally revealed it. In an official blog post, it was revealed that Nexus 9 by HTC, is there next Android flagship tablet to replace the Nexus 7.

Here is an introduction video for the Google’s new Nexus 9, made by HTC.

Nexus 9 is HTC’s 8.9″ IPS LCD display tablet with brushed metal sides. At the core, it is powered by a 2.3Ghz Nvidia Tegra K1 (64-bit) processor, 2 Gigs of RAM and a 6700 mAh battery. It’ll be available in three colors (black, brown and white) and two storage options; 16GB and 32GB.

Nexus 9 is HTC's comeback to the tablet market

HTC has also developed a keyboard for the Nexus 9, which is more or less like the Microsoft’s Surface. The keyboard folio magnetically attaches to the tablet and folds into two different angles to rest on your lap, somewhat like a laptop.

via: Google Blog


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