Huawei Honor 6 Review

Huawei Honor 6 is the world’s first LTE Category 6 smartphone and one of the latest high-end devices from Huawei. It can be bought for about PKR 42,500/- (~425 USD) and is available in only black and white colors. Although, it was launched back in August this year but we recently received our review unit.

Before we start the in-depth Honor 6 review, let’s have a brief look at what it actually has to offer.

  • Android OS, v4.4.2 (KitKat)
  • Dimensions: 139.6 x 69.7 x 7.5 mm, Weight: 130 g
  • 5.0-inch (1080 x 1820 px) IPS LCD display, ~445 ppi pixel density
  • Quad-core 1.7 GHz Cortex-A15 & Quad-core 1.3 GHz Cortex-A7 CPU
  • 16/32 GB Internal Storage, 3 GB RAM
  • 13MP camera with Dual-LED Flash
  • 5MP Front-cam
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, AGPS/GPS, Bluetooth v4.0
  • Li-Po 3100 mAh battery


At the first glance, many might confuse the Honor 6 for an iPhone 4 but a closer look suggests otherwise. Although both might have glass on the front and the back but Honor 6 is a bit different. Instead of a plain glass, Honor 6 has diamond textures in the glass on the back but they require some effort to see. Also, unlike the iPhone, the strip covering the sides of the Honor 6 only covers just three sides of it. It is not metallic either, instead it is plastic which only looks like brushed metal.

Huawei Honor 6 Review

Huawei Honor 6 Review

On the whole, Honor 6 has a rather conventional design and the build quality isn’t top notch either. Nonetheless, the price tag that it comes with and the punch that it packs, you shouldn’t expect anything more since budget cuts had to be made somewhere.

Huawei Honor 6 Review

Like most modern phones, Honor 6 also has a large 5.0 inch display which means that it is no small device. Even then it is pretty easy to handle with one hand and I’ve been able use it most of the times with a single hand. Also, since the Honor 6 doesn’t weigh too much, you can use it (single handedly) for longer periods of time without feeling uncomfortable.

Huawei Honor 6 Review

Honor 6 has a non-removable battery, which is why it’s micro-SIM and microSD card slots are on the side of the device. They’re hidden behind a patch of the plastic strip that goes around the device. No tools are required so you can simply pull out the patch to insert your micro-SIM or microSD card.


Huawei Honor 6 has a Full HD (1080 x 1920 px), 5.0-inch IPS LCD dislay. With a pixel density of ~445ppi, Honor 6 surpasses the iPhone 6 Plus, the HTC One (M8) and the Samsung Galaxy S5. Images and videos appear sharp, bright and are a pleasant experience to watch on the Honor 6.

Viewing angles on the device are fine as well. Although they tend to dull a bit as you view them at an angle but its nothing that should bother you much. I know these aren’t the best of quality but have a look at the images below to get the idea of what i mean.

Huawei Honor 6 Review

Huawei Honor 6 Review


Huawei Honor 6 is a pretty powerful device, considering the fact that it packs a Octa-Core processor. Honor 6’s Octa-Core CPU is actually a combination of a Quad-core 1.7 GHz and a Quad-Core 1.3 GHz processor. All that computing power is backed up by a 3 GB RAM that allows Huawei’s Honor 6 to run the heaviest of Android apps smoothly and without any hiccups.

We did run AnTuTu benchmark on the Honor 6 as well and although it doesn’t make it to the top 5 devices but still manages to be on the 6th position in the chart.

Huawei Honor 6 Review

Gaming experience on the Honor 6 is no exception here. Resource hungry games such as the Asphalt 8 and FIFA 15 ran pretty smooth on the Honor 6 due to its large processing power and plenty of RAM. As mentioned earlier, Honor 6 has a Full HD display that further enlightens your gaming experience on the device.

Camera & Video

Honor 6 comes with a 13 MP camera and a Dual-LED flash. Although it’s not the best smartphone camera in the market, it also certainly isn’t the worst. It’s good enough to capture your day-to-day images and some good instragram-able images here and there. Images under direct sunlight appear either more towards the warm or the cold side and can be difficult to balance in between.

For night time photography, images may appear dull and have softer, blurry edges. Also i wouldn’t suggest using the Dual-LED flash too much as it mostly over exposes and ruins your image.

Have a look at a few sample shots and a sample video from the 13 MP shooter of the Huawei Honor 6.

Not to forget, Honor 6 also has a 5 MP front camera for selfies or video calls. It can also capture some decent images depending on your luck as it’s more of a hit or miss.

Interface & Functionality

Huawei Honor 6 comes with Emotion UI v2.3 on top of Android v4.4.2 (KitKat). Emotion UI is Huawei’s customization for the Android platform which is nothing like HTC Sense or Samsung TouchWiz UI. Emotion UI has greatly improved with time but there is still a lot that can be improved and polished.

To have a look at how the Emotion UI looks and feels, checkout this video below:

Battery Life

Huawei Honor 6 Review

Huawei Honor 6 packs a beefy 3100 mAh Li-Po battery. Although the company promises that the Honor 6 can easily last a day under heavy usage but it totally depends on how demanding you are. For me, i was able to make it last a little over a day with lots of texting, some gaming and a constant 4G connection. I don’t usually prefer watching videos on a smartphone but if you do — well — than the Honor 6 might not make it through the day for you. On the other hand, for people who aren’t much demanding, the Honor 6 can easily last over a day and might even make it to two.

Honor 6 Review Wrap-up

Huawei Honor 6 is an outstanding device for the price tag that it comes with. Though, Huawei’s Emotion UI layer on top of Android is not as good as HTC Sense or Samsung TouchWiz but it’s not bad either. Device does lack a bit in camera and build quality but it does makeup for that in terms of hardware specifications.

All in all, Huawei Honor 6 is a pretty good device and we would recommend it if you don’t care much for the branding and only want an Android smartphone with outstanding specifications. Else, a device with somewhat similar specs from HTC or Samsung would cost you a fortune.


I am a technology enthusiast who has been writing tech blogs for few years now. I come from a Computer Sciences background & have been developing webs, web apps & smartphone apps from a long time. I also develop for White Rabbit & can be reached at haseebahmed (at) rabbit-white (dot) com.
  • Muhammad Zohair Chohan

    Don’t you think price is on the higher side?

    • Haseeb Ahmed

      Depends on how you look at it. For a Huawei device, yep the price leans towards the higher side but if you compare it to others, there won’t be much devices with these specs and in this price range.

  • Saba Mohammad

    thumbs up!