Spartan could be Microsoft’s new web browser

Windows 10 is supposed to be Microsoft’s biggest Windows release till date. There are a lot of speculations around it but latest one of them is quite intriguing. According to a few sources, Microsoft is working on a completely new web browser (code-named “Spartan“) to come bundled with Windows 10.

Spartan is not IE12 but it’s a totally new web browser that would be somewhat similar to Firefox and Chrome. It would have a similar UI, will have support for extensions and be very light-weight. It is going to be cross-device compatible as well i.e. it would run totally fine across desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. There is no word yet if it would be available on Android or iOS but since most Microsoft services these days are, it could be as well. Don’t say you goodbyes just yet! An improved version of Internet Explorer will also ship with Windows 10 for backward compatibility since Spartan is not expected to be backward compatible.

By now you must be wondering when would you get to see Spartan in action? Well, it is expected to be demoed at a press-event Microsoft has planned for January ’15, where they will announce the Windows 10 consumer preview. Sadly enough, if sources are to be believed, Spartan may not be a part of Windows 10 consumer preview.

While we all wait to get our hands on Spartan, feel free to express yourself in the comments below.

Source: ZDNet


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  • KA

    Bring it on, Microsoft. I am fed up of Chrome…

    • Haseeb Ahmed

      Me too. It has started frequently crashing :-

  • Adeel Ahmad

    Still most Developers use Chrome/Firefox as they have wide range of plugins. lets see what Microsoft new browser brings.

    • Haseeb Ahmed

      So true but for the past few days Chrome has been hectic to deal with. Crashes regularly :-