Our team wishes you a Happy New Year !

As another year fades into the past and we enter 2015, me and my team here would like to wish all of it’s readers a very happy and successful new year. All of us at Engismo are really thankful for all your support and really appreciate what a wonderful community you’ve been.

Keeping that in mind, our team is evermore committed in bringing you all the interesting news, reviews and other updates from the local (Pakistani) as well as the global industry. We encourage that you keep up-to date with us through our social channels (Facebook, Twitter) or weekly newsletters.

We’ve also worked around the clock to bring you a fresh new look for a fresh start of this new year. We’re hoping you guys like it. We’re open and looking forward to your critic or appreciation in the comments below.

Featured Highlights of 2014

Let’s have a brief look at some of the most interesting news from the past year that made 2014 special for the telecom and technology consumers.

Global Highlights

Local (Pakistan) Highlights

Once again thanks for being a part of our community and have a very happy new year!


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