Join the next chapter of Windows 10 webcast

As the dates comes closer, we thought it would be good to remind you that next chapter of Windows 10 webcast would be held on 21st January, 2015. The press event would itself be hosted on Microsoft’s Redmond Washington campus but could be joined online as well. Senior leaders of the OS Group including Terry Myerson, Phil Spencer and Joe Belfiore would be speaking at the event. We would also be hearing from Microsoft’s current CEO Satya Nadella. Brandon LeBlanc’s blog post didn’t mention what we would be hearing about on the event but we do have a pretty good guess. Three major announcements regarding the Windows 10 platform are expected on this event.

First of all, Microsoft is expected to announce the Windows 10 consumer preview. Right now, what most of you have is Windows 10 technical preview which is intended for technical users and not your every-day consumer. Windows 10 consumer preview will probably be more stable than the technical preview. It might also introduce some new Metro design UI elements that haven’t been unveiled yet. For a glimpse of it, have a look at this leaked image (below) of Windows 10’s taskbar.

Next chapter of Windows 10 webcast on 21 Jan

Another expected announcement is regarding Windows 10 for phones and tablets. Since Joe Belfiore is speaking at the event, we can only expect him to unveil what the Windows Mobile 10 or Windows Phone 10 might look like. Being a Surface RT owner, I personally am also interested in finding out what the futures holds for the Windows RT platform.

Last but not the least, everyone’s really anticipated to hear about the upcoming Windows 10 browser, codenamed Spartan. Although Microsoft has not officially commented about it but many sources claim that it is in works at Microsoft and we might get a glimpse of it on 21st. Unfortunately, it’s in early stages and wont probably be a part of the Windows 10 consumer preview.

For now, that is all we know about the next chapter of Windows 10 webcast but stay tuned for more news. Links where you can watch the live webcast of the press event, will also be available soon.


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