Meet the Windows 10 for phones

At Windows 10 press event, Microsoft demonstrated a wave of new Windows 10 features coming to the technical preview. Along them, for the first time we also got to see the Windows 10 for phones. Although not everything new about the Windows 10 for phones was demoed but the features that were demoed looked pretty promising.

Over-due Improvements

Microsoft has listened very closely to Windows insiders which is why Windows 10 for phones has many over-due and basic improvements.

Start Menu on Windows 10 for Phones

For starters, now the Windows 10 for phones start menu has background in the back with translucent and solid tiles on top. Those of you who don’t know, background image appears in tiles instead of the start menu in the current Windows Phone 8.1.

Keyboard on Windows 10 for Phones

Keyboard on the Windows 10 for phones has been improved as well. Now it can be dragged and move to anywhere on your screen. Also, users can wipe left or right on the space bar to enable one-hand keyboard mode, which squeezes the keyboard to one side of the screen.

Interactive Notifications on Windows 10 for Phones

Another interesting feature that was demoed, were interactive notifications. In Windows 10 for phones, users can easily reply to text messages from the notifications without going to messaging app. For now this was demoed just with the messaging app but other apps might get interactive notifications (in future) as well.

Better built-in apps

Windows 10 on phones would also have new and improved built-in apps from Microsoft. Photos app has been redesigned, improved and now is a universal app that looks and feels the same across all devices.

Outlook app included with the Windows 10 on phones has also been redesigned and is also a universal app that would look and feel the same across devices. It now also uses the Word engine for better formatting of your emails.

Maps app is another welcome addition to the Windows 10 for phones. Like all the other apps, this one as well is a universal app with similar experience across different Windows 10 devices. Despite the usual location sharing and direction finding features, this app also remembers where you parked your car.

Deeper Skype integration

Messaging on Windows 10 for phones

Finally, Windows 10 for phones now has deeper than ever integration with Skype. You can send messages through Skype from within the Windows 10 messaging app.

That’s all about Windows 10 for phones from the Windows 10 press event. Windows 10 for phones Technical Preview would be launched sometime this Feburary. If you wan’t to try it out yourself, you should signup for the Windows Insider Program.

via: The Verge
Images courtesy of The Verge.


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