Wave of new Windows 10 features demoed

At the Windows 10 press event, Microsoft announced and showed a lot of good stuff regarding Windows 10. It was also announced that Windows 10 will be available as a free upgrade for the first year, after it’s release. Now that the event is over, Microsoft has released a video of Joe Belfiore demoing some of the new Windows 10 features. If you watched the live webcast, you would know that these features were also demoed on-stage at the press event.


Continuum is one the new Windows 10 features that Joe introduced a while back. It is focused towards modern 2-in-1 devices like the Microsoft Surface Pro. With Continuum, Windows 10 now has a desktop mode, a tablet mode and allows you to seamlessly switch in-between them.

Tablet Mode on Windows 10

Once you detach your device from the keyboard (or a docking station) it can be switched to the tablet mode. In tablet mode, Windows modern apps are always full screen and you get the full screen start menu as well.

Desktop Mode on Windows 10

When you re-attach the device to a keyboard (or a dock) it can be switched back to the desktop mode. Desktop mode in Windows 10 runs modern apps in smaller windows (like other older applications) and the start menu is also smaller, more like the traditional Windows.

Cortana everywhere

Cortana on Windows 10

Cortana, one of the most loved Windows Phone feature would now be a part of Windows 10 as well. This mean that we’ll be able to use Cortana not only on our phones but also on desktops, laptops and tablets.

Built-in apps

Windows 10 would come with a whole bunch of built-in universal apps that would run across different platforms. Xbox app would allow users to keep track of their friends, their achievements and even stream any Xbox game onto a PC. Photos app on Windows 10 aggregates all your local as well as OneDrive images and shows them in a single place. It can also auto-fix your images to remove red eyes, fix tones and etc. There are new, redesigned Outlook, Calendar and Music apps as well.

Project Spartan

Project Spartan on Windows 10

As expected, Microsoft also officially introduced the new browser code-named Project Spartan. It has a new cleaner look and a new rendering engine which would display modern websites correctly. Other features include the ability to annotate on web pages and deep integration with Cortana.

To try out Windows 10 for yourselves, it’s best to signup for the Windows Insider Program. All these new features will be shortly available in a few days, in the new build that would be available to Windows Insiders.


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