Touch-based Office for Windows 10 demoed

After number of different announcements at the Windows 10 event, Microsoft’s Office Mechanics Youtube channel has released a new video demo of the Office for Windows 10.

In the demo video, Microsoft team members show different touch-based Office for Windows 10 apps. First of all, they show the touch-based Excel and how it has been optimized for fingers instead of a mouse. Users can now easily select, manipulate, move and make charts out of data without any need of a mouse.

Than, the reading mode of the touch-based Word has been demonstrated which allows to read documents in a book-like fashion. All the comments and reviews on the document are also showed pretty nicely. The touch-based Word app, part of Office for Windows 10, also has a new nifty feature called insights. It allows you to select a word from within the document and than get more details about it from the internet, keeping in mind the context with which it has been used in the document.

All the touch-based apps in Office for Windows 10 would also come with a Tell Me feature. Using the Tell Me search bar near the top right of the screen, one can easily search for functionality such as how to put a header or a footer. Tell Me feature would take the user to that feature instead of redirecting them to some help document or the web.

Microsoft has already released the beta of the new touch-based OneNote with the latest Windows 10 technical preview build. You can expect rest of the touch-based Office for Windows 10 apps coming sometime soon.


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