Windows 10 for Phones technical preview is out

After keeping anxious Windows Phone users waiting for more than 3 weeks, Microsoft has finally released Technical Preview of Windows 10 for phones. Unfortunately, at the moment Windows 10 for phones only supports a number of handsets, none of which happen to be present with us. List of the supported Lumia devices is as follows:

  • Lumia 630
  • Lumia 635
  • Lumia 636
  • Lumia 638
  • Lumia 730
  • Lumia 830

Luckily for us, trouzy on reddit updated his Lumia 635 with Windows 10 for phones and posted many screen-shots online. So let’s dive in and have a look at some of the new features coming to Windows 10 for phones.

Start Screen & Action Centre

Windows 10 for Phones Start Screen

Start Screen on the Windows 10 for Phones has been redesigned with two major changes. First of all, now you can set a background within tiles or at the back of your live tiles. In Windows Phone 8.1, users were only allowed to have a background show within the live tiles. Secondly, the app list on the Windows 10 for Phones seems to have been updated. From what we can see, now recently installed applications show grouped up on top of the applications list.

Windows 10 for Phones Action Centre

Some other changes that can be seen are present in Windows 10’s action centre. Now, the single row of toggles on the action centre can be expanded to have two additional rows. Additional, unread notifications at first show a summary view, which can be expanded into the complete notification as well. Also, now users are able to dismiss one notification at a time instead of having to dismiss the whole group of notifications.

Settings & Other apps

Windows 10 for Phones Settings

Settings on the Windows 10 for Phones technical preview have remarkably changed. They are now more manageable and easy to navigate but unfortunately have lost their Windows Phone-ish touch. You would notice that this is the case with many aspects of the technical preview.

Windows 10 for Phones Photos app

Photos app on the Windows 10 for phones has also been redesigned and is now a universal app. Albums section of the app is currently not working in the technical preview and is expected to be fixed in an update. Rest of the app functions pretty normal but you must keep one thing in mind, that unlike the old Photos app, this one pulls images from all your devices using Microsoft’s OneDrive service.

Windows 10 for Phones Other Apps

Although a new universal Xbox Music app is expected on Windows 10 for phones, unfortunately its not bundled with the technical preview. We can expect it sometime in the future in another update. Meanwhile, the Phone app seems to have an updated design. You can clearly see the three new tabs near the top of the screen.

Typing Experience

Windows 10 for Phones Keyboard

Typing experience on the Windows 10 for phones has been slightly improved as well. Speech to text functionality has been improved and can be used almost anywhere. A precision pointer has also been added to the Windows 10 for Phone‘s keyboard.

That’s all about Windows 10 for Phones technical preview, for now. These aren’t all the features that would be part of the next Windows Phone but just some of them that Microsoft has included in this first build. We should see more new features introduced in upcoming builds of the Windows 10 for Phones technical preview.

Stay tuned and keep your eyes open as a lot more about the Windows 10 for Phones is expected to be unveiled in the upcoming few months.


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