Bytes releases price drop guarantee and other perks

Karachi, Pakistan: Today, Bytes, an online tech store that deals in smartphones and a wide range of its accessories announced that it is going to raise the bar in customer service and satisfaction. In order to do this, the company has released several programs designed to facilitate the needs of the consumer residing in Pakistan. Starting off, the company has introduced a ‘one percent cash back program’ that falls under the points system.

Upon purchasing any product, customers will receive points (one percent of the total amount they spend) that they can later use to either receive a discount on their next purchase, or get something free, if sufficient points have been accumulated. According to the CEO of Bytes, Mohammad Khanani has stated that:

Today we formed Bytes with a vision to empower the customer to buy better products at better prices and provide an unparalleled level of customer satisfaction. To do this, we use a very personalized approach to managing our company and treat every customer as a member of our Bytes family. We are striving to bring new and innovative programs which will improve the customers’ shopping experience. We provide top notch warranties services, a cashback program and many more customer oriented programs like a price drop guarantee. We will continue to push to maximize customer satisfaction.

In a region that is rife with trust issues, Bytes is looking to become the beacon of light for consumers looking to purchase affordable handsets and accessories. When concerning itself with used smartphones, Bytes offers consumers a seven day replacement warranty, where the handset is replaced without any extra charge if any form of fault takes place on both software and hardware levels. In case there is no spare model available of that particular handset, then the customer can either choose to receive another handset or receive a full cash refund.

In addition, the aforementioned warranty period is supplemented by additional 23 days of standard warranty. Furthermore, Bytes also offers phones based on its ‘Chappar Phone’ program. If the consumer can show proof of purchase of their smartphone that exceeds the amount of 39,999/-, then they will receive a CDMA smartphone that functions just like a regular smartphone. These handsets are designed to avoid unnecessary theft of the owner’s original smartphone in case the user becomes a victim of mobile theft, which is an activity that is rampant in Pakistan.

Bytes is also offering a ‘price drop guarantee’ program that refunds the amount of the price difference to the consumer if the product’s price falls within 7 days of the purchase date.
With all these programs, Bytes is adamant in becoming the number one choice for consumers looking for an online platform for a satisfactory and affordable purchasing experience. is a Pakistani online store which was launched in January 2015. It is a part of the mGadgets Group and is the group’s first retail company. primarily deals in the sale of electronics and also serves as a service provider to the corporate sector.

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