Sorry Apple! I’d rather buy Microsoft Band

It’s been quite a while since I’ve been thinking about buying a wearable. I am really pleased with what Android Wear and Microsoft Band currently offer but I was also interested to see what Apple has in store for us. And, after the recent launch of the Apple Watch, I think I’d rather buy Microsoft Band than Apple Watch. Before you go all lethal on me for saying that, I would ask you to read on and see for yourself what makes me say that.

Many of you might think that this comparison is unwise since Apple Watch is a smartwatch while Microsoft Band is a fitness band but i think otherwise. One might be a smartwatch while the other is a fitness band but both are wearables and are built to serve the same purpose. Users expect them to be able to track their daily activities and show notifications from their smartphones. Both the devices are capable of doing that but one (IMO, the Microsoft Band) does it better than the other and here’s why.

Best of Both Worlds

Any one who has watched Apple’s “Spring Forward” event would know that although Apple Watch provides basic activity tracking, but it is more inclined towards being a smartwatch than a fitness tracker. And one of the reasons why I’d rather buy Microsoft Band is because it has the best of both worlds.

Sorry Apple! I'd rather buy Microsoft Band

Like any smartwatch, it has a customizable home screen and allows for social media and productivity integration. It also has Cortana integrated for it’s Windows Phone users. Than like any fitness tracker, it can also track your daily activities and generate reports. To ensure that the collected data is as accurate as possible, the Microsoft Band has 10 sensors built-in. These ten sensors combined monitor your movements, heart rate, galvanic skin response (GSV), UV index and body temperature.

Supports Multiple Platforms

I think, this is a major drawback of the Apple Watch when compared to the Microsoft Band. Like many other Apple devices, this one also is only usable within the Apple ecosystem. Therefore, no matter how great it might be but I won’t be able to experience it unless I own an Apple iPhone.

While it is totally opposite with the Microsoft Band. Following Satya Nadella’s new mobile-first cloud-first approach, Microsoft’s Band runs with almost any platform be it Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android or Microsoft’s Windows Phone.

Sorry Apple! I'd rather buy Microsoft Band

Though I currently use a Lumia smartphone as my daily driver but even if i plan to go Android or even iOS, i would’t have to get a new wearable since Microsoft Band supports all major platforms.

Longer Lasting Battery

If I’d wear a device on my wrist as my daily companion, I’d expect it to last for a day at least. Also since it is capturing all my activity metrics, I’d want minimum time away from it. I can easily get that with the Microsoft Band but not with the Apple Watch. Unlike the Band which easily goes through the day without a recharge, Apple Watch only lasts for 18 hours. Not only that but the Apple Watch also has a ~3-4 hours charge time while Microsoft’s Band only takes 1.5 hours. You shouldn’t forget the fast charging option which charges the Band in only 30 minutes.

Simply Affordable

Now this is something pretty obvious. When Apple launches a new product, you can’t expect a generous price tag. Instead, like always, Apple portrays it’s products as premium with a higher price tag (than the competition) and Apple Watch is no different. It will surely break your bank by starting at $349 and going up to $10,000 depending on which edition you choose.

Sorry Apple! I'd rather buy Microsoft Band

But as a geek, I’m bound to wonder that if the Apple Watch is actually worth paying that much for? Especially when you can get the equally capable (or at something even more) Microsoft Band for $199 only which also is not restricted to just a single platform.


To sum it all up, Apple Watch is undoubtedly a good product since it improves upon many of the mistakes made by its competitors. It should also sell in millions like all the Apple products do. But would I (or should you) purchase it? It all depends. If you’re a die-hard Apple user and can afford an Apple Watch, you definitely would buy it. If you’re someone like me who want’s bang for your buck, than the Apple Watch won’t just cut it for you. Which is why I’d rather buy Microsoft Band than an Apple Watch. If you’re thinking why not an Android wear device? Well, that’s a conversation for another time but some of these points apply to Android Wear as well.

What do you think? Would you buy Microsoft Band or an Apple Watch? Or is Android Wear more of your style? Let us know which and why in the comments below.


I am a technology enthusiast who has been writing tech blogs for few years now. I come from a Computer Sciences background & have been developing webs, web apps & smartphone apps from a long time. I also develop for White Rabbit & can be reached at haseebahmed (at) rabbit-white (dot) com.