Lumia 435 review (short version)

Lumia 435 is one of the newer low-end devices by Microsoft that was launched back in January. It is a reasonably good device for the  first time smartphone buyers or those who can’t afford pricey devices. Lumia 435 is available in two variants: Single or Dual SIM and four colors: Black, White, Green and Orange. Furthermore, this Lumia is priced at a trivial amount of 10,000/- PKR (~100 USD).

The variant that we have received for review is a Lumia 435 (Dual SIM) in black color. Before we start with the Lumia 435 review, here is a short list of our likes and dislikes.

Lumia 435 Likes
  • 3G network compatible
  • Admirable hardware, for a low-end device
  • Will be upgradeable to Windows 10
Lumia 435 Dislikes
  • No LED Flash
  • Only 2MP primary-cam
  • Uncomfortable grip
  • Quite thick (11.7 mm)

Build & Design

Lumia 435 review (short version)

Lumia 435 brings over quite a few Nokia X design features to the Lumia line-up. If you have seen a Nokia X before, you’ll be easily able to relate both the devices. Moreover, Lumia 435 is a compact but thick device which is quite easy to hold. It’s straight edges do feel uncomfortable at times but you’re bound to get used to them.

Lumia 435 review (short version)

Just like many other Lumia devices, Lumia 435 also has a polycarbonate back which adds to the solid build quality of the device. All that you’ll find on the back of this device is a 2MP primary camera, Microsoft logo and a large speaker grill near the bottom.

Ports and hardware button placement is as you would find on any other Lumia device. On the right side, we have the volume rocker keys and the power button. On top of the device you’ll find the 3.5 mm headphone jack while the microUSB port is located at the bottom.

Lumia 435 review (short version)

Back cover of the Lumia 435 is removable, underneath which you’ll find the two microSIM and one microSD card slot. None of these support hot-swapping.

Performance & Battery

Lumia 435 review (short version)

At the heart of Lumia 435 lies a Dual-core 1.2 GHz processor with a gig of RAM, which is good enough to run Windows Phone smoothly. We’ve hardly ever had the Lumia 435 halt or lag during it’s time with us for the review. Heavy games like Subway Surfer or the Asphalt 8 also ran without glitches.

Lumia 435 review (short version)

Lumia 435 runs on a 1560 mAh Li-Ion battery. For us, under normal usage the device lasted for 1.5 days easily. But when frequently watching videos or playing games, the battery life easily drops down to a day or sometimes even less than that. Good thing is that Lumia 435 has a removable battery which is why you can keep spares if you watch too many videos.

Camera Quality

Lumia 435 review (short version)

Microsoft Lumia 435 has a primary as well as a secondary camera. Primary camera on the Lumia 435 is capable of taking only 2MP images while secondary camera has a VGA resolution. Although, camera isn’t the strong suite of this Lumia device still it is able to take decent photos outdoors. Photos taken indoor have noise but they aren’t totally useless.

Video recording capability of the Lumia 435 isn’t that bad for a device in this price range.

Lumia 435 review wrap-up

To wrap it all up, Lumia 435 is a fitting choice for anyone who is switching to a smartphone (for the first time) or can’t afford a costly device. It has adequate hardware to run most day-to-day apps and games flawlessly. It also has a camera which isn’t exactly the best but something is better than nothing, right?

What are you thoughts about the Lumia 435? Feel free to comment on it in the section below.


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  • KA

    You didn’t mention about the display…. long version coming?

    • Haseeb Ahmed

      Display is pretty regular which is why it’s not mentioned… Not planning on a long version. From now on, we’ll be doing in-depth reviews only for mid-range or flagship devices.