ColorOS makes the OPPO Mirror 3 unusable

In the start, ColorOS seemed as if it could be a great competitor for other UIs but once I started using it as my daily driver (on the OPPO Mirror 3), my point of view was changed. Although ColorOS is a nice and clean try of a decent UI for Android OS but still there are a few things which make it completely useless on smaller devices such as the OPPO Mirror 3. Or at least they did for me which is why I’ve described them below and also provided workarounds to fix ’em temporarily.

Delayed or no app notifications

ColorOS makes the OPPO Mirror 3 unusable

First thing that I noticed was that every app (except the system apps) either had delayed notifications or no notifications at all. This is because by default the ColorOS is quite strict at managing free RAM. To have maximize free space, it frequently kills apps running in the background and stops all apps (by default) from auto starting. Although this does increase the available RAM but also results in apps not being able to display notifications either on time or at all.

To fix this or resolve it to some extent you need to follow the following steps:

  1. Go to the Security Center > Permission monitor.
  2. Near the bottom of the screen select Auto-run management.
  3. From here enable those applications from which you want to frequently receive notifications.
  4. One more thing to do before you’re good to go, so return back to the Security Center home.
  5. Goto Memory Cleanup > Clean whitelist.
  6. Once again, select all those apps which you selected back in step #3.

That is it. If you’re still facing the problem, you can additionally turn off Data Saving from within the Security Center as well.

Launcher frequently restarts

Another thing which I noticed during my time spent with the OPPO Mirror 3 was that ColorOS launcher restarts quite frequently. As soon as you open up an app which is bit resource hungry, ColorOS launcher would close itself and than take 2-3 seconds (depending on your no. of apps and screens) to show up again.

ColorOS makes the OPPO Mirror 3 unusable

Unfortunately, I don’t think there is a fix for this but what you can do is change your launcher. Some good options are Nova Launcher or Yahoo Aviate Launcher. These might also quit time to time due to the small RAM on this device but Nova launcher in particular is quite fast at reloading and never takes more than a second.

Problems with 3rd party messaging apps

This last one is probably one of the most annoying issue with OPPO’s ColorOS. Although there is an option to change you default messaging application but whenever I’ve switched I’ve had to eventually switch back to the default messaging application due to multiple reasons.

First I tried changing to Textra but as soon as I switched my default SMS application, outgoing and incoming messages were either delayed or I did not receive them at all. When I tried switching to GoSMS Pro, it worked fine for a few days after which my troubles with incoming and outgoing messages started again. Sadly enough, at the moment, there seems to be no fix for this.

If you’re an OPPO user who is facing similar issues and knows any fixes for them, we’d be happy to hear from you. So don’t be shy and share your thoughts below.


I am Computer Engineering graduate who loves to play with and build cool hardware. I have recently joined Engismo as a contributing blogger and my platform of choice is Android for mobile devices.
  • Muhammad Zohair Chohan

    I haven’t used Mirror 3 for a long period. But my experience of ColorOS on Find 7, N3 and R5 is very well. Just like any other Android Customization, ColorOS needs better hardware in order to work flawlessly and for a mediocre Mirror 3, it can be a problem. What do you say?

    • Haseeb Ahmed

      I totally agree. Experience on the R5 is quite pleasant but not so good on the Mirror 3. If they could optimize the ColorOS for smaller devices, remove a few features and put them in modules instead. Users who want them can add ’em and others can remove ’em, that might make ColorOS experience better on the smaller devices :-D

      • Muhammad Zohair Chohan

        I guess that’s what they did in ColorOS 2.1 but I am not sure if Mirror 3 will get this update.

        • Haseeb Ahmed

          Mirror 3 should get that update else it’ll be a shame to see such a good device go down because of some faults in the software that might never be updated :-)