Did you reserve your free Windows 10 upgrade?

Microsoft has recently announced the launch date of Windows 10 which is 29th July (if you didn’t know already). It’ll be available as a free Windows 10 upgrade for the current Windows 7 SP1 and Windows 8.1 update users. Interestingly, even if you’re currently running a pirated copy, you’ll also get the free Windows 10 upgrade.

Windows 10 is the newest version of Windows which now includes the traditional but improved start menu; Microsoft‘s very own digital personal assistant, Cortana; a biometric authentication system, Windows Hello; the new Xbox app which would allow streaming of your Xbox console to your PC; improved browsing experience through Microsoft Edge; and Windows Continuum which allows your convertibles to switch between tablet and PC mode automatically. Checkout this video below, in which Joe Belfiore talks about many of these features.

You can reserve you free Windows 10 upgrade by double clicking the Windows icon in your taskbar (which you might have noticed) appeared recently. It’ll guide you through the process which is quite simple. Once your’re done you’ll be shown the confirmation notice.

Did you reserve your free Windows 10 upgrade?
You can learn more about getting your free Windows 10 upgrade at here as well.


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