Bytes VR Pro review

Bytes VR Pro is an affordable and simple virtual reality handset by Unlike its more expensive counterparts e.g. the Samsung Gear VR, this one is pretty economical being priced at 1,499/- PKR (~15 USD) only. We recently received a review unit so I’ll be sharing my experience with you in this bytes VR Pro review.

For bytes VR Pro
  • Affordable price
  • Premium look and feel
  • Portable
Against bytes VR Pro
  • No place for connecting a headset
  • Uncomfortable for people with eye-sight glasses
  • Video quality is slightly reduced


Bytes VR Pro review

Starting off with the packaging, to be honest I was expecting more. Instead of this plastic bag in which our bytes VR Pro came in, I was looking forward to a proper cardboard box. However, this is probably to reduce the overall cost of the VR headset and isn’t exactly a deal breaker.

Contents of the packaging are as follows:

  • bytes VR Pro (unassembled)
  • A stretchable band
  • An instructions leaflet


Bytes VR Pro review

Opposed to the other low-cost VR headsets which are made-up of cardboard, bytes VR Pro is made up of foam. Individual pieces of the headset might seem delicate but once assembled it certainly feels solid. It has decent weight and is easy to operate with a smartphone inserted in it.

Bytes VR Pro review

Bytes VR Pro review

On one side of the bytes VR Pro you’ll find the logo while the other side has a silver ring magnet which is used to for selecting options in apps. The ring magnet only works with a selected set of applications (and smartphones) at the moment. Due to which sometimes navigating can be difficult once the phone is inside the headset. Be that as it may, this is not something only restricted to the bytes VR Pro headset. Most of the Google Cardboard headsets have this problem.

Bytes VR Pro review

Back of the headset has two lenses which transform your smartphone’s display into virtual reality.

Bytes VR Pro review

In the front, on the top of the headset is the slot for sliding in your smartphone. If you want to attach your headphones as well, you’ll need ones with the L shaped jack because the normal ones probably won’t fit.

Applications & Experience

There is a decent number of good quality VR apps and games in the Google Play store. During my time with the bytes VR Pro, I’ve tried a few different experiences on the headset. For starters, I tried the Google Cardboard app which is mentioned on the instructions leaflet as well. It has a set of VR demos which make you experience a windy day, examine artifacts, have a guided tour, play your 3D videos and more. These are quite fun to play with but you eventually get bored and start searching for more apps.

Another app which i tried was the Jurassic VR app. Using it i was able to walk amongst dinosaurs and experience the virtual jungle. But the best experience for me was watching 3D movies from the comfort of my couch. For this I tried out the Fulldive 3D Cinema app which is worth mentioning here. This is probably the best virtual reality 3D player and it allowed me to watch 3D movies in a cinema like environment. I was also able to control my movies (play, pause, etc.) using VR controls which eliminated the need of removing the smartphone from the headset.

Bytes VR Pro review verdict

Virtual reality is still in the development phase and has a long way to go. Nonetheless, it’s difficult to not be excited about it once you have actually experienced it.

Bytes VR Pro is a decent and affordable virtual reality headset which supports devices with 3.5″ to 6″ display. In my opinion, it is almost as good if not better than its more expensive equivalents. It does have some minor flaws like no place for connecting a headset but there are workarounds which you can surely try. All in all, if you’ve never tried virtual reality before or would like to watch 3D movies at home, I would definitely recommend you to check out the bytes VR Pro.

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  • Haseeb

    So, Once the phone is inside the VR, do we have to take it out everytime to navigate?

    • You can if you’re phone has a gyro sensor and the app your using supports VR controls.

  • can we see 3d as a whole one screen? rather then two displays?

    • Yes, you see one 3D display :-)

      • rate these glases out of 10 based on result!! btw looking forward to a neutral comment…