KaymuKaravan visits Lahore, after Karachi

After passing 4 days in Karachi, KaymuKaravan finally made it’s way to Lahore. It was welcomed with the usual love and enthusiasm that Lahoris are famous for. Kaymu team attracted a good number of audience to their KaymuKaravan. They arranged different fun activities on the KaymuKaravan where they gave away gifts and Kaymu.pk discount vouchers. Lahore was the second city in KaymuKaravan’s destination list, after which it is now headed towards the capital.

KaymuKaravan visits Lahore, after Karachi

KaymuKaravan is an initiative of Kaymu.pk to teach Pakistani sellers/buyers about the importance of eCommerce platforms. By the end of this campaign, KaymuKarvan will have visited 3 cities and 20 location in 10 days. Kaymu team is also trying to interact directly with their sellers and buyers through this initiative. They are getting feedback on how to improve the buying/selling experience at Kaymu.pk.


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    Kaymu is going on great one of the largest online store