Bytes Overload review (in-ear earphones)

One of the emerging e-stores of Pakistan, recently released bytes Overload, their very first in-ear earphones. Bytes Overload are premium quality earphones with an affordable price tag of 799/- PKR (~8 USD).

bytes Overload Likes
  • Metallic ear pieces and jack
  • Dual layer cable sleeving
bytes Overload Dislikes
  • No proper multimedia remote

Bytes Overload review

Let’s start off with the packaging of the Bytes Overload. They come in a small cardboard box. Inside it are the earphones themselves and a few extra ear-buds of different sizes. Although the box is good enough since most of the earphones in this price range don’t even have one but still it could have been made a bit more attractive. I feel that a good product deserves an equally good packaging, don’t you?

Moving on, from look to the feel, bytes Overload are no doubt premium earphones. Earpieces and the 3.5mm jack are metallic while the multimedia remote is plastic. Also, these earphones have a two-layer cable sleeving cover which better protects them from wear and tear. Most importantly, bytes Overload are quite comfortable for continuous usage of several hours.

Bytes Overload review

We put the bytes Overload through a couple of audio tests and it performed well in all of ’em. Poorly built earphones usually rattle when deep bass content is played but bytes Overload didn’t at all. In our dynamic range test, we were able to hear 66 dBFS (decibels Below Full Scale). Which means that these earphones have good dynamic range and offer pretty good isolation. Moreover, bytes Overload also did pass our wiring test. This means that the right channel audio goes into right while the left channel goes into left. Quite sensible, right? Lastly, we listened to our favorite music tracks and the experience was — no doubt — commendable.

Bytes Overload review

Bytes Overload review wrap-up

Bytes Overload are the earphones that we’d recommend. They have a premium design, solid build quality and an amazing price-quality ratio. Not to forget, promises that these earphones have the loudest sound and the deepest bass. Doubtlessly, our tests have proven that to be true. Do keep in mind, we’re taking about the loudest sound and deepest bass in this specific price range.


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