Elements Canvas review (portable batterypack)

After our extensive use and testing, we’ve come to the conclusion that Elements Canvas is the most affordable (699/- PKR or ~7 USD) battery pack which we would recommend to the casual users. Why do we think so? That is largely due to the fact that Elements Canvas is a pretty compact and lightweight battery pack which fits into almost any pocket. It also carries enough juice to charge — pretty much — any smartphone, at least once. Not to forget, it charges itself faster than quite a few battery packs out there.

Elements Canvas Likes
  • Small and compact design
  • Lightweight to carry around
Elements Canvas Dislikes
  • Charge capacity should have been more

Elements Canvas review (portable batterypack)

Elements Canvas battery pack comes in an interesting and unusual packaging. Inside the package is the battery pack itself and a micro-USB cable for charging purposes. Charging wall-adapter is not included which is to be expected since the battery pack itself is priced quite low. It wasn’t a problem for me since I used my phone’s adapter with it anyway.

Once I took the Elements Canvas battery pack out of it’s packaging, I was impressed. Canvas battery pack is lighter, thinner and smaller than most battery packs which I’ve used. Although it is made out of plastic but it still feels sturdy and could easily survive some rough usage. Also, front of the Elements Canvas battery pack has a diamond inspired design which I personally adore.

Elements Canvas review (portable batterypack)

Elements Canvas does not have many controls on it. You’ll only find a power button, 4 blue LEDs and two USB ports. Micro-USB port is used to charge the battery pack while the normal USB port is used to charge other devices. Blue LEDs indicate that how much juice is left in the battery pack. Power button allows you to manually turn the battery pack on/off. Though you would seldom need to use it since Elements Canvas turns on/off auto-magically once the phone is connected and fully charged.

Although Elements Canvas is quite slim and light but unfortunately that comes at a cost, the cost of lesser charge capacity. Fortunately, if you want to use it only for day-to-day use only, than you should be fine. Otherwise, I suggest that you consider some other option. Elements does claim that their Canvas battery pack charges an average phone twice but I strongly disagree. I was never able to get two charges out of the Canvas battery pack. At most it gave me 1.25 charges, that too depending on the phone.

Elements Canvas does also have a pretty decent charging time itself. In my experience, it took Elements Canvas — on average — 4 hours to charge from 0% – 100%. It than takes almost the same time to charge the attached smartphone.

Elements Canvas review conclusion

Elements Canvas is a battery pack with a good enough combination of size, weight, capacity and cost. It is slim, lightweight and carries enough juice to charge your device at least once a day which is what most casual users will need. If you’re a power user or want a battery pack for traveling, you should consider other options. For instanfce, OPPO and Xiaomi both have some nice and affordable battery packs that last longer and perform better. Don’t forget that they do also cost at least 3 times more. All in all, Elements Canvas is a good all-rounder and I’d recommend it to casual users who’re design conscious and want something good and affordable.

What are your thoughts about it? Did we miss anything out in our Elements Canvas review? Feel free to share with us what you think, in the comments below.


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