Infinix Zero2 first impressions

If you’re not familiar with the name Infinix, it’s not your fault since it’s a relatively new player in the market. Regardless of that, this Hong Kong based smartphone manufacturer has been able to grab people’s attention due to it’s low price and high spec smartphones. Infinix Zero2 aims to be the same and carries the title of a flagship device from the manufacturer. It’s only been a few days since I received the review unit so here are my Infinix Zero2 first impressions.

Infinix Zero2 first impressions

Infinix Zero2 comes in an interesting box that looks and feels a bit like Kevlar. Well, this is by no coincidence and totally intentional since Infinix Zero2’s back is also made up of Kevlar. Inside the box are a bundle of accessories, some of which we usually don’t get to see in newer devices.

Infinix Zero2 first impressions

Once you take the Zero2 out of it’s box, you immediately realize that how light the device is. For me, it felt quite lighter than what I was expecting it to be. Despite the light weight, aluminum structure of the device adds a solid feel to it. On the contrary, it also makes the Infinix Zero2 quite slippery which is why I almost dropped it a few times already.

Infinix Zero2 first impressions

As I mentioned earlier, back side of the Infinix Zero2 is made out of Kevlar. Don’t be fooled by the looks of it as it is not textured but quite smooth and has a rubbery feel to it. If you didn’t know already, Kevlar is the material used in making body armor and many other things.

I was quite pleased to see that Infinix Zero2 has speakers at the bottom instead of front or back. This you don’t see quite often but is something I personally prefer. It allows me to place the phone any-side down without the fear of missing an alarm or a phone call just because my phone’s speakers were blocked.

While Infinix Zero2 has a admirable design and equally good hardware, I am not at all impressed by it’s software. Zero2 runs an Infinix’s customization of the Android OS v4.4.2 (KitKat). Due to quite a few reasons — at the moment — I do not feel that it’s up to the par. Don’t get me wrong here, Zero2’s software runs quite smoothly and effortlessly. But the afore mentioned reasons mostly concern poor design aesthetics and lack of basic functionality. They will be discussed in detail, in the in-depth review of the Zero2 which you should expect in a few weeks time.

That’s all about my first impressions of the Infinix Zero2’s hardware and software. While you wait for the complete review, feel free to suggest anything that you’d like to be the part of our review.


I am Computer Engineering graduate who loves to play with and build cool hardware. I have recently joined Engismo as a contributing blogger and my platform of choice is Android for mobile devices.
  • Asjad Ali Naqvi

    I am not happy with this review .because this review was written in such a girlish way that many girls want big screen ,slim body .feels good in hand ,etc. I want to know how powerful that set is ,what’s it benchmark. what it’s resolution ,how much its Pixel density (ppi) it’s display have,it’s battery timing ,how fast it’ 3G and what quality of images it’s camera captures…

    • That is because this a first impressions post not an in-depth review. Review would be out soon, hopefully. Since I’ll be authoring it, I’ll keep your suggestions in mind.