Here’s our shopping experience

Bytes is an online store based in Karachi, Pakistan. They are relatively newer in the e-commerce marketplace and a while back completed their 6 months of operations. Their business model is a bit untraditional in a sense that their major focus is on used mobile phones. Lately, they have also added new products to their online store such as mobile accessories, brand new smart phones, home appliances and t-shirts. But still, used mobile phones are their differentiating factor from other online stores.

Recently, the bytes team contacted us and wanted us to try and write about the shopping experience of This would help them improve it so that their buyer’s don’t face too many problems.

Store’s User Experience

Unlike most e-commerce websites which overload you with content, has a comparatively less busy homepage. There is a menu at the top as you’d expect. Under the menu is a slider which shows on-going offers or featured products. There also are three more featured products under the slider. After all that, you’ll find some new products listed with logos of most popular brands at the end.

Here's our shopping experience

For us, the learning curve of Bytes’ online store was quite gentle. We could easily navigate and find products we wanted in less than a minute and we think that same should be the case for any casual user. Bytes also has mobile apps available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. We haven’t used the iOS app but Android app is pretty simple to use and quite straightforward.

Shipping Experience

The shipping experience was hassle free but was not as fast as we were expecting. Bytes took almost twice the time which had been mentioned on the product pages. Furthermore, in our experience it takes only 1 day to ship from Karachi to Lahore or the other way around. Unluckily,’s logistics service provider (Leopard Courier) took almost 4 days for delivering the purchased items.

Bytes needs to look into these issues as we think 15 days is too much time for delivering items within the same country. Although, this time is what most online shops offer in Pakistan but if could reduce it, they’d have a significant edge over the other online stores.

Item Quality

We’ve to admit that the items, HTC One M7 (A stock) and LG L9 (B stock), which we received had better quality then we were expecting. HTC One (M7) was almost brand new with so minute bruises that a normal user probably wouldn’t even notice. Here are some pictures of it.

Here's our shopping experience

The second device, LG L9 was a bit more damaged since it was a B stock unit. Still, we would rate it 5+ out of 10. We could find no other issues with the device except just one which is that the power button is a little hard. Have a look at it in these pictures.

Here's our shopping experience

One thing that you should keep in mind when buying from is that most smartphones are usually carrier branded. If you’re the type of person who wouldn’t want a carrier’s logo (T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T, etc.) on your phone, you might want to ask Bytes customer care if the device you’re buying has it or not.

Also, if you’re purchasing a 4G phone, please make sure that the version you’re buying supports Pakistan’s 4G networks. It’s not necessary that every 4G smartphone runs 4G in every country because different countries have different bands on which 4G is operating.


To summarize, we’d say that our overall experience of was quite smooth with just a few hiccups which you should take into account when buying from any online store in Pakistan. We were also quite pleased with’s item quality because such condition used phones are difficult to find in the local markets.

Now that we’ve explained our experience of shopping from, it’s time that you do the same. If you’ve ever purchased anything from, please feel free to leave your feedback in the comments below. We’re pretty sure that the team will read it.


I am currently pursuing graduation in Telecom Engineering. I have recently joined Engismo as a blogger and would love to blog about all the interesting news from the Telecom industry in Pakistan.
  • Asjad Ali Naqvi

    I completely agree with whole blog/article but 1 thing delaying on product depend upon the availability of a product .because i have ordered many things from bytes if the product is available in their stock you will get it in time .Even I have received my order in one day from Karachi to Murree

    • That is true but if product isn’t available, shouldn’t it be clearly mentioned :-)

      • Asjad Ali Naqvi

        yes I agree they do not mention it clearly or maybe they just do not update their website on time

  • Muhammad Waqas

    I want to win HTC One (M7) because of good specifications and features. I like very much HTC moile

  • Ehtasham Arifeen

    i never owned an HTC device, i’d like to try one. I heard they are pretty good too