iNew V7 hands-on and first impressions

Over the past year, well-known brands as well as many Chinese manufacturers have tried to push low-cost devices into emerging markets. In effort to do so, many new Chinese brands have come up who only target emerging markets such as Pakistan, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and etc. One such Chinese brand is iNew. We recently received the iNew V7 but since a complete review takes time, here’s a quick hands-on of the device.

iNew V7 hands-on

iNew V7 is a mid-range device which comes in a pretty normal packaging. You pull open the box to find the V7 lying right underneath it. Beneath the device you’ll find the usual documentations with a wall charger, a data cable and of course, a set of earphones.

Few things that you immediately notice once you take the iNew V7 out of the box are that first of all the device is considerably light weighted (though not as light as the Infinix Zero2) and slim. Secondly, the iNew V7‘s design is an interesting blend of rounded and straight edges. Top and bottom sides of the V7 are perfectly rounded from back to the front. Other two sides of the device are partially rounded at the back but totally straight on the front and sides of the device.

iNew V7 hands-on

Unfortunately, despite being slim and light weighted, iNew V7 isn’t exactly comfortable to hold in a single hand. It’s wide build and straight edges make the device unhandy for one-handed operation.

iNew V7 costs a decent 19,500/- PKR (~195 USD) and at its heart runs a MediaTek Quad-Core processor with 2 gigs of RAM. Other than that it has 16 gigs of internal storage, a 16MP primary camera, a 5MP front camera and a 5.0″ 720P display. Most probably iNew has tried it’s best to reasonably price their starting lineup. But when compared with Infinix or Lenovo devices, iNew doesn’t seem to provide that much bang for the buck.

What are your thoughts? If you had to choose between Infinix, Lenovo or iNew, which brand would you go for? Do feel free to express yourself in the comments below.


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  • Smokingaces

    Honestly, if I have to choose in this price range, I would definitely go with either Infinix Zero 2 or the latest announced Rivo Phantom PZ-18, both offering far better value for money than this overpriced overconfident and overly ignorant brand. Not to forget, the latest Haier L-80 is also a better option than this iv7 if you look deeper.