Lumia 920 Camera
Pictures of Disintegrated Nokia Lumia 925 Camera

6 Jul '13, 8:38 pm - by

Whenever i shot images from my Nokia Lumia, i always wondered what was inside it’s cam? Nokia Lumia’s Camera combined with Image Stabilization technology allows you to take some seriously nice pictures. Everyone knows that Nokia Lumia can take some …

Corning Gorilla Glass with a Hole
Corning Gorilla Glass is Not Just About Strength Now

6 Jul '13, 3:08 pm - by

Almost every gadget these days uses some iteration of the Corning Gorilla Glass. You can find it on your smartphones, tablets, laptops and etc. Usually, Coring Gorilla Glass is known for its strength and high resistance against pressure. Lately, Corning …

Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5
Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5, Most Loved & Most Hated

6 Jul '13, 10:36 am - by

Since Android and iOS lead the smartphone industry, there always has been a war between Android phones and iPhones. Samsung Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5 is one topic you would find a lot on the internet. An UK based social …

Samsung WB-110 Featured
Samsung WB-110, a 20MP Camera with 26x Optical Zoom

6 Jul '13, 12:08 am - by

Samsung has launched its latest long zoom camera in the WB series. Samsung WB-110 has a 26X optical zoom and ultra wide angle for capturing high quality images. Samsung WB-110  has a 3.0″ HVGA LCD display, which automatically adjusts light …

Windows 8 Logo
Windows 8 becomes the third most used OS in the world

5 Jul '13, 3:55 pm - by

Windows 8 is now the third most used desktop operating system in the world, after the most used Windows 7 and Windows XP desktop OS. Windows 8 was released back in the month of October 2012; almost 8 months ago. Now, it has …

Nokia 909
Nokia 909 Could Be The New Name For Nokia Lumia 1020

5 Jul '13, 7:54 am - by

Evan Bass, the continues leaker has now tweeted a new name for the Nokia EOS. Previously, the marked Nokia Lumia 1020 will now be named as the Nokia (presumably Lumia ) 909. This has proved evleaks wrong. Evleaks is a …

Nokia Lumia 1020 Front
Check Out The Nokia Lumia 1020’s Leaked images

4 Jul '13, 11:26 pm - by

The long awaited new Nokia Lumia 1020’s image — considered to be the Windows Phone successor to the company’s 808 PureView phone — has been leaked. It has now been confirmed that the device will be given to AT&T for …

htc desire 200 leaked images
HTC Desire 200 is another low-end Android phone

4 Jul '13, 9:01 pm - by

Although everyone’s talking about big phones these days, there are many people who still prefer compact devices. Here comes another mid-range android device, the HTC Desire 200. HTC Desire 200 launched in Japan by the end of June. The device …